• 2023 Youth Ambassador Program




The Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce Youth Ambassador Program aims to recognize achieving high school juniors, introduce them to our local business community, inspire a lifelong commitment to community service, and provide scholarships to college-bound students.


The Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce and the Humboldt County Office of Education are requesting your assistance with the Youth Ambassador Scholarship Program. This program awards over $5,000 in scholarships annually. The goal of the program is to connect local high school students with our business community and to establish new relationships, both with their peers from other schools and with business sponsors.
The program kicks off in February 2023 with a series of fun and educational events and will culminate with an impromptu public speaking competition on the Final Night in May.



The Youth Ambassador Competition is a wonderful opportunity for local youth and participating Chamber businesses. All of the contestants are high school juniors and are achievers in academics, music, sports and other extra curricular activities. These students are recognized for their determination to succeed in school. This is a positive, character building competition that acknowledges our student’s accomplishments and at the same time provides valuable insights about local businesses. 

One of the benefits of Sponsorship is the positive visibility your business will receive in the local news media, Chamber newsletter and recognition at the various, related public events. You will also gain visibility among the student’s peers. You are strongly encouraged to make your candidate a part of your business advertising and publicity during the month of April. 


What is My $500 Used For? 

The sponsorship fees are used to create a scholarship fund and help defray the costs associated with making the program work. This includes the Kick-Off event, printed programs, and sweatshirts for the students, judged events, trophies, certificates and other expenses. 


Sponsor Duties

1) Sponsorship Fee $500. 
2) Attend Kick-Off Night and the Final Night event. 
3) Spend time with your Youth Ambassador contestant to acquaint him or her with your 
business. For example, take him or her out to lunch and explain how you got started in business and provide a tour of the business. 
4) Stay in touch and demonstrate your support for your Youth Ambassador via email by sending a card and by making inspirational phone calls. 


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