Adopt a block

Welcome to the Adopt-A-Block program. The Eureka Chamber of Commerce and local businesses have come together to create a means for organizations, businesses and individuals to help clean up and maintain the city of Eureka. You can participate by adopting one of the areas designated as needing special attention. Several of these areas have already been adopted but a few are still available. Adopted areas are marked in red, available areas are marked in green. 

Click a marker to learn more about the designated area. Then click the area's name in the bubble to get the full story.

Adopting an area means you will take responsibility for an initial clean up and ongoing weekly maintenance for 1 year. You may do the work yourself or you can hire someone to maintain your block.

If you don't see your block on the map, please consider adopting your own block. We'll add your block to the map and give you credit on our site.