• Business & Industry

Reviews, evaluates and recommends action on issues and concerns of interest to Chamber members. Its members work with local governments and agencies to improve business conditions with local regulatory issues.

By engaging in this committees, Greater Eureka Chamber members gain a deeper understanding of pressing economic and business issues facing our community’s most critical industries. Additionally, those participating can contribute to the public dialogue to help the Chamber develop programming that fosters enhanced business and industry development. 


The committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 12:00 pm.


Bring your topic or discussion to the floor!

Email the Chair of the comittee to bring your topic to the Chamber.

Members of the Committee


Dane Valadao

ReProp Financial



John Dalby

Redwood Capital Bank



Gregg Foster

Redwood Regional

Economic Development


Michael Kraft

Papa & Barkley



Rob Holmlund

Malex Consulting



Scott Pesch

Coldwell Bankers

Pacific Partners Real Estate


Jennifer Budwig

Redwood Capital Bank



Kate Witthaus

Northern California

Community Blood Bank


Matthew Marshall

Redwood Coast Energy Authority



Larry Oetker

Humboldt Bay Harbor District






 Thank you to the dedicated members of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce Business & Industry Committee. We appreciate you taking time out of your day to help us #ShapeTomorrow

If you have any questions about this page, the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce's Business and Industry project endorsements, or if you are interested in learning more about the Board of Directors and the Eureka Chamber's community participation and representation, contact Donna Wright.

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