• Candidate Forum

The Government Affairs Committee of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce recently held a virtual Eureka City Council Candidate Forum designed to hear from the local candidates on questions of critical interest to the business community. 

Candidates were interviewed individually and were allotted the same time to prepare for their interview and answer questions. Eureka Chamber member businesses were polled to derive the forum questions, and the top three questions were selected for the video interview. Candidates answered questions via the video platform, and were given two minutes to give their recorded response. 

Additionally candidates were also sent three questions to provide written responses.

All candidates were invited to participate. Ward 4 candidates Matthew Owen, Liza Welch, Scott Bauer, Eddie Morgan, and William Tuttle were interviewed. For Ward 2, candidates Dot Jager-Wentworth and Kati Moulton were interviewed. 

Lucinda Jackson and Tamar Shirley of Ward 2 chose not to participate in the interview. 


Kati Moulton - Ward 2
Lucinda Jackson - Ward 2

Lucinda Jackson did not complete a video interview.


Click here for written responses


Dot-Jager Wentworth - Ward 2
Scott Bauer - Ward 4
Eddie Morgan - Ward 4
Matthew Owen - Ward 4
William Tuttle - Ward 4
Liza Welsh - Ward 4
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