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The Eureka Chamber is proud to provide resources for businesses at any stage in their process. We have partnered with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and have gathered relevant information from the Small Business Association (SBA) to be able to help businesses who are starting out, or provide existing businesses with information to continue to improve and garner more business.


Elevate Program


Introducing Elevate: The Eureka Chamber's Digital Marketing Program



The way we find businesses, goods and services, has forever changed. That’s why the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce is incredibly excited to introduce ELEVATE - our new, FREE digital marketing training program for Humboldt businesses and non-profits.

This four-course program will help you spend less time learning these skills through trial and error, and more time doing what you do best – running your business!

To learn more about Elevate, or to sign-up for a one on one consultation, call us at 442-3738, or send an email to Heather@EurekaChamber.com.


Video Trainings from SBDC
  • Social Media Selling                                                                         


This is a video training by the SBDC on the different Social Media Platforms and how you can utilize each one in your business. You must create a free account with SBDC to be able to watch the video. When you click the link (either by clicking the photo above, or the link below), you will be redirected to sign up, and then can access the video for free.

In the ever changing world of Social Media, picking the right platform for your marketing and sales is key. But with so many out there, how to you take out the guesswork and make sure you make the best choice for your business?
Watch NorCal SBDC Advisor Bobby Chang as he explains the main platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Shopify and others) and for each one looks at:

• The strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

• Which platforms best align to different types of businesses.

• Top tips to launch on each platform.

Link to PDF here

Link to Video here

You must register with SBDC to view this free recording on Vimeo.


Trainings from The Eureka Chamber


  • Managing Your New Business 



This is a PDF training that the Chamber put together using information from the SBA. It features the basics on starting your new business, step by step. Use this as an outline for your new business, or use it to make sure that haven't missed anything in your current business.



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