• Energy Upgrade California


A New Partnership to reduce our Carbon Footprint

The Greater Eureka Chamber has partnered with Energy Upgrade California to fight climate change and help save energy in every way we can!

Here's how saving energy fights climate change:

1. Conserve Natural Resources

Less energy demand, less demand on Earth’s resources.

2. Protect Ecosystems & Wildlife

Less energy wastes, less extraction needed for fossil fuels.

3. Reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2)/GHG Emissions

Less energy used, less fossil fuels released into the atmosphere.


The Program

Energy Upgrade California® is a statewide initiative committed to reaching our state’s energy goals. We’re here to give you the tools, knowledge and inspiration to Keep it Golden, as it takes all of us to move California forward.

The three main goals are:

  1.  To be a resource for energy tips and tricks to take action, save energy and help protect California. Learn more. 
  2. Combating the Climate Change patterns that are changing in California. Learn more. 
  3. Reaching California's Energy Goals, specifically Senate Bill 100: getting California to run on 100% clean energy by 2045. Learn more. 


The #KeepitGolden Movement

Join the #KeepitGolden movement and signup for the Goldie program which sends text messages directly to your cell with tips and tricks on how to save energy and keep California the Golden State that it is. Join the program now at the link below. 

Tips and Tricks with Goldie


Partner with the Chamber and Help Further our Efforts

Our mission is to make sure the hard-to-reach demographics such as Seniors, Disabled, Low-Income, and Rural Communities are reached and we would love to partner with you to make that happen!

Send an email to melanie@eurekachamber.com if you would like to partner with the Chamber with our outreach efforts via newsletter exposure, palm card distribution or if you are hosting or know of a local event that the Eureka Chamber can host a Energy Upgrade California table at. 

Below is a photo from our most recent efforts at the July Chamber Mixer Event. 

Eureka Chamber's HQ Coordinator, Melanie Gleason Tabling at the July 2021 Chamber Mixer. 

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